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  • Monica Sarmiento-Martinez

Productive and Sustainable Organic Fertilization for Small Farmers in Colombia

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

One of our social projects seeks to support small farmers in Colombia who are impacted by the current fertilization shortage, by introducing organic sustainable solutions that will benefit agriculture production and combat climate change. We are working with a number of partners to make this effort a reality: Pope International, CK Business Strategies, Gaia and more to come!

I had the opportunity to visit Gaia in San Sebastian de Mariquita in Tolima-Colombia.

Gaia's organic fertilizer production plant is located in the middle of a breathtaking natural landscape without causing disruption to smell, no insects, no fumes, just nature!

I am even more inspired after meeting Ms. Mayra Correa, the Wayuu Indigenous business woman who leads the organic fertilization production plant while creating social impact!

I invite you to view this short video to learn more.

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