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Designing Together

Our Approach

We partner with experts, small businesses, non-profit organizations, community associations, and government agencies to translate their vision and requirements into results.

By providing leadership, communication, problem-solving, driving collaboration, and the application of the framework, we support the delivery of solutions in the areas of expertise.

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Our Services

Project/Program Management

Our team offers extensive project management expertise, covering all stages from design to closure. We work closely with subject matter experts and collaborators to meet requirements. We support:
- Project design and initiation
- Planning
- Budget management
- Resource management
- Project implementation
- Monitoring and evaluation
- Communications
- Continuous improvement

- Closing.

Strategic Planning,

Business Development, 

Operations & Process Efficiency, and

Capacity Building

Our consultants  collaborate closely with the organization to capture short-term and long-term goals. We conduct assessments and create a comprehensive plan of action to assist the organization in reaching its objectives. Additional support is provided in designing and implementing new processes and skills, improving existing ones and establishing mechanisms for monitoring and continuous improvement.

Audit Readiness Support

We make sure that the required audit controls are set up as project requirements. We also conduct an assessment of the current processes and work closely with the management team and key process actors to complete the assessment. Once the assessment is done, the organization can take the necessary corrective actions before the audit exercise.

Professional and Management Development

Our Experts in Professional and Management Development will design or customize the training  curriculum according to learning goals and objectives. 

  • New process training

  • Monitoring Evaluation and Learning

  • Training assessments

  • Diversity Equity & Inclusion

  • Cultural Awareness Training

  • Coaching.

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