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Designing Together
Our Approach

We partner with experts, small businesses, non-profit organizations, prime contractors and government agencies to translate their vision and customer requirements into results.

By providing leadership, problem-solving, driving collaboration and the application of the framework, we support the delivery of unique and innovative solutions in the areas of expertise.

Project/Program Delivery 

Project Management 

Providing well-rounded project management experience from our team according to requirements and needs for guaranteed project success. 



In this role, our team will assist with the design and development of the monitoring, evaluating and learning activities for the project, including the research plan, defining indicators, setting targets, planning data collection activities, analyzing and reporting data, and applying continuous improvement.


Project Implementation 

We work with our clients and partners throughout every phase of the project, including building the implementation plan, risk, change management plans and reporting mechanisms. 

Process Management and Improvement

Identification of Goals and Objectives 

A critical element in successfully ushering in change is understanding the immediate and future goals. These must match the overall objectives of the business, entity, or program and the new process. This ensures that any process put into place creates the desired outcome.

Process Improvement

Expertise in evaluating the current processes; the desired outcome will be a process that will support the goals in a more effective manner.

Process Roll-out Plan  

Supporting partners with a sustainable new process and the rollout plan. 

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